Who is Turtle Leaf


We’re a young company combining two of our favorite things, modern minimalist design and the environment. Like a lot of young people, we have moved into big cities from smaller towns to work in the technology industry as operational specialists. While we enjoyed what we were doing, we missed the green open spaces we had left behind. So we decided to look for eco-friendly and nature inspired products that matched our modern modern urban lifestyles. This was the beginning of Turtle Leaf, and our journey to bring a great customer experience to our modern environmentally conscious peers.


hands holding succulent ceramic planter

At Turtle Leaf, it is our mission to provide both urban and hard-working, yet environmentally conscious individuals all of the home decor and accessories that meets their needs at the right price. We bring to you products sourced from multiple high-quality suppliers that we hope will match your modern, minimalist style.

Where are we based?

We are a small startup based in the beautiful city of Boston, MA.