Succulents. How and when did they become so trendy?

succulents are trendy but why

Colorful. Lush. Delicate. Low maintenance. These are all words that describe the trendy plants called succulents. Based on all the instagram photos, it is safe to say succulents are extremely popular. But how did this happen?

According to this Quora answer, the reasons include “drought”, which may be due to geography, easy reproducibility (i.e. propogation),  minimal care, and mass-market adoption.

desert drought succulent planter turtle leaf

The idea that drought is a driver in the popularity of succulents may or may not be crazy, but it may be more difficult to prove. Yes, there are many droughts throughout the US and water is becoming a scarce resource, but it is likely that these colorful plants would be where they are today regardless.

succulents are trendy and popular

It is pretty clear that the rise of succulents runs parallel to the rise of the urban dweller. With many young people moving to cities and working long hours, a plant that requires minimal care is something we can all agree makes sense. Some succulents only require watering once per week, making it easy to set and forget, especially for those who travel often.

In addition, they are easy to propagate feature of the plant makes for easy sharing. Like one of your friend’s succulents? Easy, just gently remove a leaf and bring it home. Well, maybe not that simple but you get the point.

Regarding the mass-market adoption, it’s not really a secret. When the largest retailers, like IKEA are selling the plants, you know that they are big. Yet despite them going coporate, they still remain popular in the hipster realm.

Although trendy, it seems that changing demographics and living preferences among young people will continue to drive the popularity of succulents. Here to stay, they may be the new modern common denominator.

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